»It took me 25 years to do the one trade which made me rich „over night“. This night was seven years long.«

— Dr. Markus Grimm

Who I Am

I am a System Trader: I build trading systems – computer programs that independently trade shares on the stock markets. I know they work because they have been stable for several years. Everything that I am presenting here runs with real money out of my own pockets. I am at full risk and I make a living from it. If it’s not certain whether something works or not, it’s marked in bold that it’s still in a testing phase.

This page is intended for everyone who wants to be financially free and want to exit the rat race of exchanging time for money. The big goal is: never be obliged to work again.

Who I Am Not

I am not a coach and I don’t give individual advice. I don’t have the time for that and it’s not my profession. Nothing against coaches if they are good. But that’s not the right thing for me. One reason for writing down my knowledge is that I don’t like telling the same thing over and over again. 😉

I do not make any unrealistic or dubious promises for earning money. On this site, you won’t hear “You will be rich in X months”. In my experience that doesn’t work. Even with a lot of luck (e. g. a big lottery win), if the lucky winner hasn’t the right mindset, he or she will probably not keep the money in the long term.

I don’t sell trading systems for a quick buck. I prefer to use them myself. If only to make sure that they work profitably. Only then, they can be used in the long term. How that works? Have a look here.

I don’t sell (online) courses. The best knowledge is often for free on YouTube; you find it in other blogs or you get it very cheap from good books. This is also the case for the knowledge from my blog. I wrote it down because I enjoy writing and I hope it will help many other people. I’ve packed everything in here I’d liked to have known 20 years ago when I started on my own path to financial freedom. That would have saved me fucking up several 100,000 euros. What I want to provide is knowledge that I would pass on to my children on their own path if they had the same goals than me.

I don’t advertise and I have no affiliate partners. My motivation is to produce valuable content with benefit to my readers, not to persuade anyone to buy something. Nobody has to be afraid that the information provided here is biased in that direction.

There’s nothing wrong with meaningful recommendations and synergy effects that create value. Trying to make money by providing valuable links is also not a bad thing. But I personally benefit more from simply sharing my knowledge and receiving meaningful feedback.

I don’t sell trading systems for a quick buck. I prefer to use them myself. If only to make sure that they work profitably. Only then, they can be used in the long term. How that works? Have a look here.

I sincerely hope that you can benefit from my experience and not have to make the same mistakes as I did.


»In his blog, Markus describes the relevance of money and finances for each of us with a good balance between entertainment and factual depth. He demonstrates - and even encourages - that a life in financial freedom is achievable for many of us.«
»Markus' blog is like Markus himself: humorous, authentic and very helpful. I have made use of his advice and help in business matters several times. Every time, it brought me a big step forward. What I find particularly thrilling is the article “The Money Mindset”. We all have a certain attitude towards money. Sometimes it's helpful, but often it's cumbersome... I'm looking forward to read more and I might implement a thing or two for myself. In other respects too, Markus is a person with a clear vision and stamina (we know each other from martial arts training and you definitely need that there, but not only that 😉).«
»Thanks Markus. You have succeeded in bringing the topic closer and make it clear and authentic. The examples you use are also very good. Please continue, I'm looking forward to the next posts. Very inspiring till now!«
»I know Markus as a very conscientious and consistent analyst and investor. He knows how to recognize trends at an early stage and then to „ride the bull long enough“ to make decent profits. He has in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of asset classes and has put them through their paces with his own money. Due to his many years of experience, I can unreservedly recommend Markus and his blog.«
from Weinheim